#8 Sayang


Punyalah lama aku tak tulis apa-apa kat sini kan.

Sorrylah wahai blog ku sayang.

Baik, tajuk di atas ialah sayang.

Seriously, aku benci bila ada remaja muda mudi yang gedik sangat bercakap soal cinta di fb atau mana2 social network. Apatah lagi umur dia masih di bawah umur. Come onlah, tak boleh lemah2 macam ni. Kat Palestine sana ramai berjuang untuk syahid, tapi kat bumi melayu lembik pasal cinta. Buwekkk!

Aku pun sedang dalam progress untuk tidak menjadi seperti itu. dan untuk itu aku haruslah kuat untuk istiqamah.

Namun apakan daya, aku seorang perempuan yang berjiwa halus, ingin menyayangi dan disayangi oleh lelaki yang bergelar suami.

Tapi aku takdelah post mende2 yang gedik tu kat fb. Dah lama dah aku tinggalkan mende2 macam ni. Gediksss dan memalukan!

So perasaan halus tu aku simpan jelah dan only Allah knows. Now that Im telling you here, so you knew it now. Hehe.

Tapi aku yakin, bukan perempuan saja yang mempunyai perasaan macam ni. Lelaki pun jugak. Ah, kamu lelaki jangan nak ego tak nak ngaku. Buktinya, Nabi Adam lagikan kesunyiaan saat tiada Hawa di sisi. See?

So, post benda2 yang gedik kat social network bukanlah satu pekerjaan yang bagus. I mean, bukan satu tindakan yang terpuji. Korang simpan jelah feeling2 tu kat dalam hati dan doa banyak2 kat Allah moga dipertemukan jodoh. Usaha jugak ye!

Kalau takde kat dunia, akhirat ada yang sedang menanti. Dont worry, Allah kan adil :’)

So yeah, itulah Sayang yang aku maksudkan kat tajuk di atas.

Moga kita2 yang bujang ni dipertemukan dengan teman hidup yang baik2, aameen~


#7 Eagerness


Hey guys? What’s up? Are you ok, Annie?


Okay. Stop.

Anyways, I know its been a long time I left this blog. Cause I only came here when I’m bored, sad, and to type something with the name anon. 🙂 

Im comfortable with that.

So, to tell you something, I have this business mind. Its been in my mind for a long time. I wannna do a small business like selling clothes. If you realize, its like a trend nowadays.

But its still in my plan. I havent buy anything. Just doing some research and plan something so that everything will be smooth and siliky. LOL.

Well, I guess thats it.

InsyaAllah, will update you soon about it.

Oh, if you have something to say about starting a business or maybe advice, just drop your comment below.

See ya!

#6 Watch It!


I just watched Matluthfi90’s new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7H0XsyKbc

The video is about Ramalan Soalan Pasca SPM. So, its good to be watched by after-SPM students and parents.

Anyways, currently these days I watched some movies from megashare.info. Its free and its awesome. But cannot download the video though. Have to watch it online. But the thing is, its free! Yeay! 😀

I watched animation movie cause I love it than a real one. I watched Wreck-it Ralph (highly recommended), Monster Inc, Toy Story and Kung Fu Panda 2 (recommended as well).

Of course, they have another types of movies like adventure, action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fic, fantasy, thriller and war.

Also has series movies like cartoon-manga, science fiction, Asian dramas, Classics, reality & game shows and others.

So, if you are bored and want to watch something, go to megashare.info and you’ll see lots of movies.

Happy watching! ^^,

#5 What a hectic day!


Yesterday, Mom, sister, brother and his family and I went to our Grandma’s village. We sleepover there and had a tahlil and doa arwah for our late grandfather. Al-Fatihah.

May Allah place him in Jannah, ameen.

I met my cousins and had a chit-chat. Nice day though. Alhamdulillah.

And this morning, most of us went to my mom’s cousin’s wedding. The weather is so sunny today.

Got back home in the afternoon and we were so tired and hungry and thirsty.

Then, I just remembered that I left my hand phone -.-‘

But oh well, I am not like other kids who gone crazy without their hand phones in their hands. So, I am not that kind of kid. Am I still a kid? O.o

Still, I can connect to internet with my lappy and wireless connection here. Alhamdulillah 🙂


So yeah, thats it for now. Its 11.45pm already but my eyes are wide open like an owl.

G’night everyone. 

Dont forget du’a before sleep.


#4 Work on it.


Good afternoon.

I am currently doing a video about Time Lapse. I was so amazed for the first time I watched the KL Time Lapse done by a foreigner I guess.

Here is the video of KL Time Lapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dRpc48IijM

It was posted in Facebook. Thats where I knew it. Then, I decided to do the same but just a simple trial. I dont have that fancy, bulky DSLR camera. I only got my Nikon s6000.

I did one this morning but the quality is too low. So this afternoon is my second attempt. And I have to download Windows Live Movie Maker for a better quality video.

Till then.

#3 Annoying.


I was gonna post something this morning around 8 or 9. But then this internet thingy got lag all the time. So annoying! -.-‘

I’m so jealous for the speedy internet in UK and Korea. My friend has been studying in UK and talked about how lag the internet here compare to UK’s. As for Korea, I heard it from my brother’s friend.

Why so lag? 


#2 Aliff’s birthday.


I met Aliff for the first time in our high school’s multi purpose hall. It was our first day of school registrating ourselves to the next step after primary school. The hall was flooded by the sea of pupils. Familiar and unfamiliar faces I saw.

We were in the same class. He’s a talkative boy. Funny, friendly, outspoken and energetic. He’s so full of colors.

We had been in the same class for 3 years. Until then, started when we were in form 4, we separated. He chose Science stream and I chose Art stream. Nonetheless, we were still close.

Not to forget, we have a small group. Just a teens group that usually happens to all high schools around the world. We named ourselves as ‘Frivends’. He suggested that. Frivends consists of five teens altogether. 3 girls and 2 boys.

We went so much ups and downs together. We even fought each other. But hey, that fought actually made our friendship even stronger.

As we grown up, after the O level exam, we seperated and find our own way. We went to different colleges. And one of us have started working. This, is the start of our true friendship began.

Alhamdulillah, the five of us are still in contact. And special thanks to Whatsapp cause bringing us closer. Facebook too. Not to forget, Twitter 🙂

To my high school friend, Aliff, Happy 21st birthday. Semoga cepat matang dan semakin bertambah iman. Ameen.